Sunlounger Balearic Beauty2

A few weeks ago, I posted about Roger Shah‘s awesome new Sunlounger album:

I got a chance to conduct an email interview with the legendary trance artist. We got to talk to about his new album, live sets and his work outside trance. Take a look below!

(MW = Mike Walkusky; RS = Roger Shah)

MW: What was the creative process like for Balearic Beauty?

RS: Like for every album, a lot of the music I composed while being on tour. The interesting part for this album has been to include a lot of new voices and singers while keeping the Balearic trademark sound for Sunlounger. Under Roger Shah i do different things, so I had to set myself into this Balearic mood again first before i could start writing for this album.

MW: How much time does it take to prepare for one of your signature live sets?

RS: It’s totally different. When I have different club gigs and festivals, every set is individual. So I prepare from scratch, which takes a couple of hours or even days because I always change something. Then I also need to program my wireless MIDI keyboard different as well, or at least the sounds for the live element. But I also do much more DJ influenced sets nowadays as well and include more 3rd party tracks. When I go on an album tour like we are planning right now for the Sunlounger – Balearic Beauty album, then I think I will prepare a kind of 2-hour set including the new songs, some special live versions or remixes, and some older Sunlounger classics. Once I’m happy and I see it works, it can be that I do the same sets for a couple of weeks or the entire tour. There is no routine in general.

MW: I’ve read before that you work at Disney as an in-house composer and perform orchestral work for a big company in Hollywood. Do you still perform these jobs? Also, can you provide a bit more detail about both jobs?

RS: For both jobs I had to sign some confidentiality clauses. For the Disney stuff, I worked on two projects, but I found myself being very limited in creativity. I put that kind of work on hold–especially since I have no time for it at the moment. For the company in Hollywood, I composed about 20 full orchestra songs plus sub genres and mood changes, which they are using for their music score library and pitching for projects. We are also in touch with a big company in South Africa, and it looks like I might do my first full movie score next year. It’s something I wanna do more in the future. I still have my focus on my dance music right now, but I think it’s good to start working towards that [film] direction on the side without any pressure and earning some credits.

MW: I saw that you’re hosting a Music Production Workshop  in San Francisco this weekend. Is this the first time you’ve done something like this? Also, what will the workshop involve?

RS: Yes, it’s the first time I’m doing this, and I’m writing this interview for you in the plane on my way to San Francisco. To be honest, I have no idea what to expect or what to do. I think I will receive the questions for a Q&A tomorrow, so I will simply go through questions of the new generation of producers and try to show them some hints of production and give them a bit of my experience.

MW: Which cities are your favorite to visit?

RS: Mexico City is my favorite to play.

MW: What are your plans for the future?

RS: Trying to stay healthy and creative. I have a lot of new music and projects I’m working on. I’m very excited about the changes and progress right now. The best is to follow me on my page to keep yourself updated about all my activities. Thank you.